Our Vision and Mission

protecting, preserving and disseminating the legacy of the Filipino people

The existence of the National Museum of the Philippines is anchored on the basic philosophy that the Filipino nation is kept unified by a deep sense of pride in its own identity, cultural heritage and nature patrimony. The national identity of the Filipino must be developed and enhanced, while imbibing the spirit of nationalism and strong commitment in the protection and dissemination of its legacy.

The National Museum of the Philippines is envisioned as the premier institution and repository of our heritage, and as an exciting, informative, and enjoyable place to visit, a place that inspires people to learn from our traditions so as to help shape a better future. The National Museum is also dedicated to the mission of collecting, preserving, studying, interpreting and exhibiting the cultural and natural history specimens of the Philippines, from the historic times to the present, albeit the diversity of their cultural origins.


A world-class and socially responsive institution that preserves legacy, fosters a profound sense of Filipino identity, and shapes a progressive and sustainable future.


The National Museum of the Philippines manages museums and carries out dynamic public programs for its diverse audiences anchored on engagement, research, collections, and collaborations following prevailing best practices.