Aside from the main characteristics mentioned above, mammals also have differentiated teeth – meaning the dental set is consists of various types of teeth such as the incisors, canine, premolars, and molars which corresponds to highly specialized functions specific to different diets and feeding modes. Other animals do not have a differentiated set of teeth. Mammalian teeth are also replaced only once in their life. Mammals are the most highly adaptable animals on earth aside from insects and arachnids. They are found in almost all kinds of habitats in the world. This adaptability is attributed to the mammalian ability to regulate body temperature and its internal environment. To date, there are 6,557 species of mammals in the world, this includes both living and extinct. These are arranged in about 125 families and 29 orders. In the Philippines, there are 206 native terrestrial mammals, 117 of which are endemic and are found nowhere else.