The National Fine Arts Collection (NFAC) consists of a collection of works by notable Filipino printmakers. This includes the works of Manuel Rodriguez, Sr., the founder of the Printmakers Association of the Philippines (PAP). The group became a force in the development of printmaking in the country. Also included in the collection are works by the earliest members of PAP composed of women artists trained by Rodriguez. One of them was Brenda Fajardo, one of the women printmakers who endeavored to popularize and elevate printmaking as a significant art form alongside painting and sculpture. The strength of the female force in printmaking practice alludes to the women’s patience in keeping up with this repetitious, detailed, and laborious process. Other young women artists who later joined the PAP include Ofelia Gelvezon Tequi, Imelda Cajipe Endaya, Ileana Lee, Impy Pilapil. National Artist Benedicto Cabrera and social realist Leonilo Doloricon also joined the PAP.

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