The National Fine Arts Collection (NFAC) has watercolor, pastel, and charcoal drawings by notable Filipino artists from various periods in Philippine art history. One of the early drawings in the collection is an 1879 self-portrait charcoal drawing by master painter Juan Luna y Novicio from the Spanish colonial period. In addition to this are a number of graphite sketches by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, one of the notable artists who excelled in the figurative art during the American colonial period. There are also pastel drawings by Jorge Pineda and Celedonia Domingo Ongpin created in the 1900s which are representative of the figurative art movement. The NFAC also has a collection of watercolor drawings by early modernists such as National Artists Vicente Manansala and Carlos ”Botong” Francisco as well as a pastel drawing by David Medalla who represents the new generation of modernists.

Drawing refers to the technique of depicting images by making lines on paper. Traditionally, it is in ink, pencil, crayon, charcoal, and chalk. Aside from this, drawings can be made with paint or combined with any other wet or dry media.

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