A special exhibition featuring award-winning, multidisciplinary artist Leeroy New and other emerging Filipino artists is now on view at the National Museum of Anthropology (NMA). “Alamat: Revisiting Philippine Folklore” draws from the mystical narratives and iconography of Philippine folklore, offering a harmonious confluence of tradition and modernity. 

Through a collection of paintings and sculptures on loan from J Studio, the exhibition pays a nostalgic tribute to the stories that have contributed to shaping the Filipino psyche. They beckon to embark on a stimulating journey between the ethereal and the quotidian, showing alternative views of the grotesque spaces of our imagination.

At the core of this exhibition, visitors may now explore the intersection of pre-colonial oral histories and futuristic science fiction that Leeroy New conveys with “Balay Balete”, a large-scale installation that appears to engulf the NMA Courtyard. In Gallery 2, he alludes to old tales about the pillars that cradle the earth, creating a fluorescent forest environment composed of reusable resin foam, upcycled plastic, bamboo, and other found materials. Together, these works transform the traditional anthropology gallery space into a thought-provoking, immersive experience. They were commissioned by pop culture magnate, Tim Yap, specifically for this exhibition, launching in conjunction with his annual star-studded Halloween costume ball last 30 October.

Experience “Alamat: Revisiting Philippine Folklore” at The Courtyard and Gallery 2 of the National Museum of Anthropology until 31 December 2023! Open Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9 AM to 6 PM. Admission is FREE!