NMP conducts “Merging Art with Science: Drawing the Philippine Eagle” workshop

In celebration of Philippine eagle week (June 4-10), your National Museum of the Philippines held its first face-to-face workshop on drawing the Philippine eagle last Wednesday, June 8, 2022, at the Vergara and Co Education Rooms at the National Museum of Natural History building.

Merging Art with Science: Drawing the Philippine Eagle workshop’s objective is to raise awareness on the plight of our national bird, and get familiar with its physical features through various references – be it research publications, photos, taxidermy specimens, and art while learning how to draw.

The workshop was attended by 24 participants, ranging from beginners to professional artists, teachers, and students. The workshop began with opening remarks from Zoology Division’s Curator I/OIC Marivene Santos, followed by an inspirational message from Dr. Jayson Ibanez of the Philippine Eagle Foundation, Inc. – National Museum of the Philippines’ long-time collaborator.  Then, Zoology Division’s (ZD) ornithologist, Rolly Urriza gave a short talk about the natural history and conservation status of the Philippine Eagle, after which ZD artists Aissa Domingo, Eddie Codino, and Larie Dianco introduced and told stories about Gemma, Sakura, and Tinuy-an — National Museum’s resident Philippine eagles taxidermy mounts to our participants, and then they demonstrated various drawing techniques and exercises that allowed the participants to observe their subject thoroughly before interpreting it into paper.  

The activity ended with observational drawing, wherein participants could dissect their subjects using simple geometric shapes and moved further into detailing by applying the other techniques they learned during the workshop. The event received positive feedback from the participants and we hope to bring you more similar activities and workshops at your National Museum in the future.