The National Museum Eastern-Northern Mindanao was established after the accidental discovery of archaeological materials by the City Engineering Office of Butuan City in 1974 while draining the water confined inside a man-made river system.

Succeeding excavations conducted by the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP) yielded tremendous archaeological finds of collectors’ value. The most significant finds were prehistoric Balanghai or Butuan boats that date from 7th to 10th century, just five kilometers from the City proper. The NMP conducted scientific research, sending its archaeologists and researchers to Ambangan, Libertad.

The establishment of the museum was facilitated through the support of the Butuan Museum Foundation, Inc. which was organized to assist the NMP to safeguard and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the region. 

Then President Ferdinand E. Marcos authorized the release of four units of Marcos-type school buildings while the city government donated a two-hectare lot, to realize the construction of the building. After 19 months, the formal inauguration finally took place on August 30, 1978. 

The museum initially focused on the archaeological artifacts recovered by the NMP in Butuan City and the material culture of the ethno-linguistic group inhabiting the region.

Considering its archaeological importance, in the year 1980, the Balanghai Site Museum was also constructed at Ambangan, Libertad, Butuan City to house the remains of the ancient boats, Butuan Boat Nos. 1 and other artifacts/material culture.   

The museum promotes cultural heritage and cultural awareness through its exhibitions, assists NMP field personnel in the conduct of research activities on Archaeology and Ethnology, and provides linkages with the local government units (LGUs) and other stakeholders in the region. 

The public can view the following exhibitions: Ginikanan/Gigikanan, which features the material culture of the pre-Hispanic people of Butuan, and “Ambangan”, which presents the different indigenous communities in the region through the contemporary implements used for survival. 

The NM Eastern-Northern Mindanao Regional Museum provides the following services: Museum Guiding, Reservation for Museum Tours, Events and Venue Rental, Research and Identification on Cultural Properties and Ethnological and Archaeological Specimens, Technical Assistance on Research, Collection Management, Museum Management, Student Practicum Program, Information Dissemination and Outreach Programs. Some services are available depending on the quarantine status in Butuan City.


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