Zooarchaeological Materials

Evidence of subsistence strategies during prehistoric time is mostly the focus and interest of a zooarchaeologist. The Zooarchaeological Materials Collection constitutes part of the zooarchaeology specimens maintained by the division. Majority of the collection is composed of animal remains like bones, shells, and teeth that were modified into tools and ornaments. A small part of the collection are shells and bones exhibiting cut marks and charring/burning indicating utilization of these animals for food.

Among the artifacts in this collection are shell tools and ornaments from Palawan sites (Batu Puti Cave, Duyong Cave, Leta-Leta Cave and Sa’gung Rockshelter), shell beads from Cagraray in Albay, bone tools from Balobok Rockshelter in Tawi-Tawi, fishing implements made from deer antlers from Santa Ana, Manila, and drilled animal teeth pendants from Panadanan Island and Butuan. 

Faunal remains exhibiting evidence of food preparation processes from Cagayan Valley sites also constitute part of the collection.

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