Basi Revolt Bicentennial Celebration

In line with the Bicentennial of The Basi Revolt, the National Museum of the Philippines has lined up projects to commemorate this milestone.

“The Basi Revolt” is a series of 14 paintings featuring the Ambaristo Revolt, which is more popularly known as Basi Revolt. With his signature in the panels, the paintings are said to have been made by Esteban Villanueva in 1821, fourteen years after the uprising. The series was declared as a National Cultural Treasure in 2009 and have been on display at the Old Carcel Museum of the National Museum-Ilocos Regional Museum Complex since the facility’s inauguration in 2015.

This year is the 200th anniversary of The Basi Revolt. To embark on the Bicentennial celebration, last year the NMP launched the publication “Treasures of Philippine Art: The Basi Revolt by Esteban Villanueva”.

The monograph highlights basi and Ilocano heritage, material and historical examinations of the paintings by Nicole A. Tse, Roberto A. Balarbar and Raymundo Esguerra, and digital scanning and image analysis of the paintings conducted by Phoebe Gallanosa and Maricor Soriano of the University of the Philippines. This has been made downloadable from the NMP’s website since September last year, and the printed version was launched earlier this year with following online talks by some of the contributors of the said publication.

Aside from the above-mentioned, the NMP will also launch the following:

Visualizing 200 Years: Eminent Ilocanos on The Basi Revolt Paintings

Last year, the NMP Ilocos region launched a social media series featuring reflections and interpretations of prominent Ilocanos regarding The Basi Revolt. Later on, the NMP decided that this campaign be made into a full-blown publication as part of the 200th year celebration of the paintings. Like the previous publication, the e-book version will be launched first, and thus can be accessed for free from the NMP website.

Short documentary on The Basi Revolt in collaboration with the Victory Liner, Inc. (VLI) to be featured in the “Know Your North” series of the said bus company.

Launched in 2017, the “Know Your North” is a campaign of Victory Liner in an attempt to document and showcase the cultural heritage and tradition of Northern Luzon. Produced by award-winning filmmaker Gabriel Malvar and his company The Extra Mile Productions, the series aims to spark appreciation to heritage of the said region which is in congruence with the mandate of NMP.

Last July 2, 2021, an agreement was signed between the NMP and VLI to feature The Basi Revolt after prior talks regarding a collaboration to feature the painting as part of the 200th year commemoration.

The “Know Your North” videos can be viewed on Victory Liner’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, with the film on “The Basi Revolt” among these soon.