The Museum Education Division

Role of the MED

The underlying principle behind the role of the Museum Education Division is the fact that all scientific endeavors, researches, and findings will be rendered meaningless if these are not effectively disseminated to the end-users and the taxpayers. On this note and along with its mandate of delivering educational services to the public, the Division directs its attention towards translating scientific information derived from researches into simple and understandable form.

The mounting of permanent and special exhibitions in various disciplines is still a dominant preoccupation of the Division, although the production of all forms of literature (books, journals, brochures, handbooks, maps, flyers, etc.) remains a major agenda. Of late, the much talked about use of advanced technology such as CD-ROMs in furthering the goal of the Division is an added attraction particularly among students and professionals. This program is being pushed forward in response to the growing national clamor for globalization through information technology. Quite interestingly, the target clientele of the National Museum has become more varied in socio-economic background to include elementary and high school students, out-of school youth, and under-privileged sectors of society. This certainly calls for more ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness in program planning and supplementary work, a challenge that goads the twenty two MED researchers and staff.

The new programs introduced by Mrs. Alba are worth citing. The NM Volunteer Program, Student Apprenticeship Program, Story Telling Sessions at NM, On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest for Children, Curriculum-Based Museum Module for Children, the Arts and Crafts Workshops, the Nature Walk, and the Summer Workshops Festival, among others are believed to be an excellent blueprint for more improved mass-based programs and projects in direct relation to the educational agenda of the Museum.

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