Our Quest for Excellence

Contributions by the MED

The fame and success that the Museum Education Division enjoys today is a product of long years of hard work, patience, and careful planning started by the late Mrs. Tantoco. It was through her high spirit, unfailing commitment and passion for excellence that has catapulted the Division to its present status. Mrs. Tantoco's effort was duly recognized when she was awarded as Outstanding Employee of the Department of Education in the `1980s.

Behind Mrs. Tantoco's every step is a set of footsteps belonging to her protege, Mrs. Alba. After many educationally productive years with her mentor, Mrs. Alba strives to set new records of achievement for the Division. She has been granted scholarship or fellowship trips abroad including Southeast Asia, U.S.A., and Europe for the purpose of further improving the quality of educational programs being launched by the National Museum.

We see the people at the Museum Education Division as visionaries - anticipating today what the people will need tomorrow. In the following years, we will witness their vision come true.

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