Sericite schist



Sericite schist is characterized by its glittering grayish golden color. Texture is medium- or coarse-grained and invariably has a well-developed schistosity. Small- scale corrugations may occur, which comprises alternate mica-rich and mica-poor layers that follow the original bedding.The rock has a measurement of 15.2 cm. in length, 8.65 cm. in width and 7.75 cm. in thickness.

The term “schist” signifies schistosity or foliation. The conspicuous schistosity of all schists is attributed to the mineral orientation.

Schists occur in great variety. Mineralogically, schist may be either mono- or poly-mineralic. One of the monomineralic schists is sericite schist. The dominant mineral in sericite schist is very fine-grained white mica. Mica flakes may be curved, folded, crumpled and intensely crenu-lated.

This metamor-phic rock with an accession no. NMR-007 was collected in Paukan Creek Mansalay, Mindoro Oriental on April 18, 1948. Other localities are Camarines Norte and Palawan.

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