Vanda sanderiana Reichb. f.


This species is considered by many to be the most beautiful and attractive orchid in the Philippines. It is highly sought in local and international orchid trade. Because of overcollecting, the species is now believed to be extinct in the wild although there are local nurseries that propagate this species in clones through tissue culture. There is a move to make waling-waling as the national flower of the Philippines.

Endemic to the Philippines, on lower slopes of Mt. Apo, and Cotabato, Mindanao, growing on branches of tall trees, especially dipterocarp species up to 30 m or more tall.

Epiphytic herbs. Flowers flat to 8 cm across, sepals and petals obovate, bluish pink with buf-yellow stain and dull-crimson reticulations on the lateral sepals; lip small and concave, purple-red at base, strongly recurved and brownish purple at apex with 3 prominent keels. This is locally known as waling-waling.

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