Pennisetum polystachyon (Linn.) Schult.


Locally known as foxtail (English), ‘buntot pusa’ (Tagalog), ‘ikug-kuting’ (Bisaya). It flowers from October to April. Introduced as a weed, it is abundant in cultivated fields and open places. It is widespread in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Annual grass, which is densely tufted. Leaves are simple, alternate, shape is linear, texture smooth to hairy. Inflorescence (group of flowers) is a dense cylindrical spike, reddish purple at the tip, yellow green in the middle, green at base; color changes from reddish to orange brown, becoming grayish brown with age; spikelet consists of two sessile, bisexual florets, each with three , dorsifixed stamens. Fruit is a caryopsis.

Pollen grain is simple, monoporate (aperture is one pore); pore is circular, wall thick, protruding; shape is spheroidal. Exine appears smooth seen under light microscope, frustillate (circular or polygonal areas surrounded by grooves) under scanning electron microscope.

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