Manunggul Jar

New Stone Age

Manunggul Cave, Lipuun Pt., Palawan
895-775 BC

The cultural treasure found in the early 1960ís in Manunggul Cave, Lipuun Point, Palawan is a secondary burial jar. The upper portion of the jar, as well as the cover is incised with curvilinear scroll designs and painted with natural iron or hematite. On top of the jar cover or lid is a boat with two human figures representing two souls on a voyage to the afterlife. The boatman is seated behind a figure whose hands are crossed on the chest. The position of the hands is a traditional Filipino practice observed when arranging the corpse.

The burial jar which is unrivaled in Southeast Asia and considered as the work of a master potter, signifies the belief of early Filipinos in life after death. It is dated to the late Neolithic Period, about 890-710 B.C.

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