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Turning Points

The following decades from the 1970s to the 1980s witnessed the beginning of the glorious years of the Botany Domingo Basic research, taxonomic Journal of the Society for the Bibliogra- such equipment was the Palynological studies and field explorations were undertaken on a massive scale. These produced a host of publications that captured the interest and attention of local as well as international institutions. Funding and technical assistance, which previously came in trickles, started to pour, thus elevating the stature of Philippine botanical work to international standards.

One of the most highly-publicized and well-noted researches and publications was the "Studies on the Malaspina Exhibition" which is a comprehensive account of the various aspects pertaining to the l8th century scientific expedition conducted by Captain Malaspina and his men around the world, with particular emphasis and reference to their botanical-historical significance to the Philippines.

This study was conducted by Domingo A. Madulid and featured in the Journal of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History (London) in August 1980. Soon, many other local foreign researchers initiated their own studies on the Malaspina Expedition, following the successful attempt of the Museum.

Inspired by these achievements, key Division staff, namely, Hermes G. Gutierrez, Romualdo M. del Rosario, Paciente A. Cordero, Jr., Domingo A. Madulid, and Lolita J. Bulalacao, pursued post-graduate studies in the Philippines and abroad. By the turn of the century, the Division had produced ime Doctorate degree-holders, two of whom became curators and three were appointed scientists in the Scientific Career System of the Philippines. Meanwhile, the rest of the Division researchers and staff, with practically the same zeal and spirit as the senior staff, continued to undertake more intensive and challenging studies in their respective areas of interest. Hence, the names of Mamerto Sulit, Ernesto J. Reynoso, Rogelio A. Espiritu, Wilfredo Vendivil, Luis T. Evangelista, Odelon Fernando (recipient of Dangal Award from the Civil Service Commission), Francisco dela Cruz, Delia D. Adefuin have made indelible marks in the scientific arena. In the last decade, a new breed of botanical experts and researchers has emerged and now play a respectable role in the Botany Division. These are Dr. Julie Barcelona, Lourdes Valerio, Noe Gapas, Ruben Meralon, Ver Reyes, Jimmy Cabalquinto, Edwin Tadiosa, Mercelita Y. Bangis. Support staff are Emmanuel Loyola and Casimiro Yungca.

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