Timbac Rock Shelter


Brief History

The Timbac Rock Shelters are famous for its mummies. There are two rock shelters: Rock Shelter I which contains five coffins with several mummies in each coffin, and Rock Shelter II which has eight coffins with mummies inside. These rock shelters can be accessed through stairs and railings.

The mummies are in fetal positions. A large, cuboid, wooden coffin usually has two to four mummies in flexed positions. The oval-shaped coffin has one baby mummy.

Category/Type of Museum: Ethnographic

Location, Museum Hours & Contact No.

National Museum, Kabayan Branch, Kabayan, Benguet Region I

From Baguio, take Norton bus to Kabayan. From Kabayan, take route going to Tenongchol to reach Timbac. Since no regular jeepney plies to Timbac, the use of a private vehicle with a four-wheel drive is advisable. Hiking is possible for two to three hours.

Mondays-Fridays / 9:00 am - 4:00 pm;
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays by appointment
Contact Information:
ASBMD, National Museum Central Office; 527-4192

email: nm_asbmd@yahoo.com

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